Top Cat Band


Top Cat Band is a professional 7-piece band with 2 singers and full brass section. We play a wide variety of music including old-school rock, funk, r'n'b, rock‘n’roll, swing, latin, soul, country, jazz, blues, top charts and many more, so you can be sure that your dance floor will be packed throughout the night. The authenticity of our sound is what sets us apart from other bands not to mention the entertainment value which is second to none. We pride ourselves on the fact that every song we play is done with top class arrangements played totally live and are based on the original versions, so any song we play sounds like the real deal. We do not use any backing tracks, it's real music played by top pros. As well as our top class 7-piece band we offer 8-piece including 3 singers and 10-piece with extended brass. We are also providing a full DJ service, drinks reception jazz trio and our female singers specialise in music for church/civil ceremonies. So all in all we can provide a full day’s entertainment for your special day at very competitive price.


Meet our Band Members


Tony Jones

Tony’s passion for music is unquestionable and he can sing anything from the classics to rock songs.You will find Tony and his band in the Residency on Sunday afternoon in Cafe En Seine from 6.30pm to 9pm. 

Jess Kavanagh

Jess, one of the best soul singers and former Soul Purpose vocalist is the second female lead singer with the band. Anybody who heard Jess playing live will testify to her electrifying energy and amazing soulful voice. After studying in London’s Institute of Contemporary music, Jess has focused on recording and her repertoire of bands that range from Soul, Funk to Hip Hop and Jazz.

Davy Mayne

Davy Mayne's saxophone playing brings a touch of class and fun to the Top Cat Bands repertoire. Davy's saxophone solos are second to none and he has played with some of the world's greatest musicians.

Rolf Kohlmann

Rolf is the percussionist with the band and no band is complete without a funky beat to keep everything in time. Rolf has been playing drums for many years and his infectious rhythmm is the backbone of every song performed.

Ed Mullarkey

Ed is the band's lead guitarist and has been a member of the band since its inception. Ed's unique and hip guitar playing keeps the dance floor filled throughout every performance.

Davy Byrne

Davy Byrne's bass playing brings that added funky element to the band and his slick rythm ties the whole Top Cat Band sound together.

Dave Hardy

Dave Hardy plays sax and clarinet with TopCat.


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